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Expert Linux Development for Supported Embedded Systems-on-Chip Vendors & Platforms

Discover Our Specializations for Embedded Application Development

RidgeRun develops customized embedded software products and solutions for the leading systems on chip (SoCs) to ensure the highest level of performance and quality for your project.


Specializing in video and audio application development, we leverage SoC architecture for video pipeline optimization and more.

Our depth of experience with SoC and AI hardware allows your team to experience seamless embedded system integration and optimizations to expedite your projects’ time-to-market.

Supported SoC & Platforms for Embedded Software Development

Specialization with today’s groundbreaking SoC and platforms, including AI platforms, allows RidgeRun to fully harness the potential of these embedded systems. Our concentration on specific SoC gives clients the reassurance they require, knowing that we can rely on our experience to develop efficient solutions with smarter resource allocation, customize more flexibly, and troubleshoot as needed.

NVIDIA: As preferred partners, we support the NVIDIA Jetson family AI platform for computer vision, machine learning, and deep learning projects. RidgeRun’s plugins, drivers, and frameworks for NVIDIA Jetson offer ample opportunities to make your next breakthrough in AI-based video and audio.

Xilinx: Whether you require SDK solutions, custom Linux drivers, or GStreamer functionalities for your video and audio projects, RidgeRun’s Xilinx tools and software ensure superior quality video and audio development processes.

NXP: RidgeRun builds several products and tools with this family of microcontrollers and powerful application processors with an incredible range of use cases. RidgeRun designs unique solutions, harnessing frameworks like GStreamer and Yocto, for embedded application development supported by NXP. We expect our partnership with NXP to continue growing, now that we have early access to i.MX95 documentation. We look forward to developing solutions with this new chip.

Texas Instruments: Our partnership with TI continues to endure. For many years, we’ve built, integrated, and optimized high-performing embedded applications using their powerful components. Today, we also provide GStreamer media streaming solutions and custom Linux drivers for deep learning use cases with TI’s latest AI-capable hardware. 

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Qualcomm: RidgeRun has developed sophisticated Gstreamer plugins and tools to support Qualcomm’s RB5 and RB6 AI platforms for edge computing and video processing use cases.

Explore Our Embedded System Products and Engineering Services

Our portfolio of products offers a complete range of solutions for your projects, whether you require building, integration, optimization, or any support throughout your project’s phases, including training. 


RidgeRun’s engineering services cater to your specific needs, depending on your project scope. We offer three service models: hourly contract, dedicated engineering, and platform partnerships. The process to hire our team is simple.

For designers and SoC producers, we forge platform partnerships to enhance your embedded application development, including AI hardware and AI platform development for our supported SoC.

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