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BIPS - Buffer InterProcess Sharing

Buffer InterProcess Sharing

RidgeRun Buffer Interprocess Sharing (BIPS) comes to address the issue of large data exchange between microservices. It is an optimized IPC library fully compatible with C++ and Python allowing sharing of data buffers between two or more processes with zero copy, even in Deep Learning environments.


BIPS - Buffer InterProcess Sharing Features:

  • Keep synchronization between producers and consumers
  • Works with both C++ and Python

  • Interlanguage (C++ and Python) intercommunication

  • Docker containers intercommunication capability

  • Python NumPy buffers complaint

  • Compatible with the most popular Deep Learning frameworks: TensorFlow and PyTorch

  • Multiple consumers capability (buffer broadcasting)

  • Zero memory copy buffer exchange with a high exchange rate

BIPS Foundation:

  • The foundations of BIPS consist in having a producer process, which fills buffers with valid data, and one or more consumer processes, that receive the buffers and consume their contents.


More information:

Platforms Supported by BIPS - Buffer InterProcess Sharing:


i.MX6, i.MX8

Generic Linux

Note: Additional POSIX-complaint platforms may be supported. Contact us for additional information.

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