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Firmware Update Application


This document describes the proposed design for the Firmware Update Application (FUA).

The Firmware Update Application ( FUA) is an application intended to act as a generic firmware update engine for boards during production or in the field, it can be easily invoked as a stand-alone application from within the command line or from other applications.

It is intended to solve the major issues presented when updating the software running in the board, providing a platform-independent application that automates and provides standardization to the firmware update process for platforms running on RidgeRun software not only by providing tools to easily create and supply updates, but also that enormously minimizes necessary human interaction after these have been delivered.



The overall objective for RidgeRun is to create software package that will provide the functionality to safely apply updates in situations where it’s currently not possible given the user and manufacturer requirements, Its main goal is to provide a standardized platform-independent application to upgrade firmware and that automates the process.


System Overview

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