FPGA V4L2 PCIe Driver

HW acceleration is an essential component of modern embedded systems. With ever increasing real-time demands and low power requirements, long are the days where single CPUs systems could fullfill today's market expectations. Among available accelerators, FPGAs typically excel in flexibility and performance, at the cost of integration complexities. It's common to see every FPGA integrated differently in every product, with different interfaces and home-made APIs. Despite this, one common remark that can be observed is that they are typically connected via high bandwidth PCIe.

RidgeRun is developing a single, standard V4L2 interface for PCIe connected FPGAs for a variety of vendors and models. No matter your HW setup, the FPGA is exposed as a combination of camera and display devices. This allows out-of-the-box usage with OpenCV, GStreamer, Libav, browsers and any other standard software that communicates via V4L2 calls.

Current on-going development is targeted for the PicoEVB Xilinx module on the NVIDIA Xavier. Contact us if you are interested in sponsoring the port to your hardware configuration. 

Product Description

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Platforms Supported

Jetson TX1

Jetson TX2


Jetson Xavier AGX and NX

Jetson Nano

i.MX6, i.MX8

NOTE: Additional platforms may be supported. Contact us for additional information.

For technical questions, please send an email to support@ridgerun.com

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