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CUDA Camera Undistort for NVIDIA Jetson

Image distortion correction is a process required when using lenses that misrepresent the real world; an undistortion algorithm takes a distorted source from a camera and transforms it so that the output looks as true and correct as possible as if no distortion lenses were used.

CUDA Accelerated GStreamer Camera Undistort is a RidgeRun product which implements this algorithm, as well as a GStreamer element so that you can integrate it into your pipeline for any other further needed processing. It transforms the input images in such a way that the distortion is no longer detected. This means you can supply the result to further algorithms downstream or use it for human consumption without having to adequate the undistort output.

CUDA Accelerated GStreamer Camera Undistort leverages the GPU to offer real-time performance even for the highest resolution images and multi-camera systems.


Learn more in our developer's wiki.

Platforms Supported

Jetson Xavier

Jetson Nano

Jetson Orin

Jetson TX2

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