GstNvStabilize GStreamer Plug-In: Video Stabilization with RidgeRun 


GstNvStabilize is a GStreamer plug-in that performs video stablization on a sequence of images accelerated with the GPU. Specifically, the algorithm uses internal modules provided by NVIDIA VisionWorks toolkit and OpenVX. These modules compute the Harris feature detection and the Lucas-Kanade sparse pyramidal optical flow that provide the inter-frame's motion estimation.

Note: RidgeRun assumes that there are no hardware issues that would delay the development process (and increase costs). In case of problems with your hardware, RidgeRun will bill up to 20 hours of engineering services for the time needed to inform you of what is wrong. If it has to be created from scratch, driver delivery time is 3 to 4 weeks upon receipt of the hardware.

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Platforms Supported by GstNvStabilize

Jetson TX1

Jetson TX2

i.MX6, i.MX8


Jetson Xavier

Note: Additional platforms may be supported. Contact us for additional information.


Suggested Support Bundles

+11 support hours: $3499