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GStreamer serial plugin

This is an element to get data from the serial port and push it as metadata to further elements downstream

GStreamer serial plugin (gst-serial) provides the tools to interact with a serial port using GStreamer. It includes the serialsrc element which allows the user to capture data from a given serial port. It exposes all the properties of the serial port so the user can easily configure the baudrate, stop bits, flow control, data bits, parity and more.

The captured data is put into a GStreamer buffer that will be sent downstream so any element can do further processing.

One use case of the element is obtaining metadata from a serial port which in combination with the gst-metadata plugins provide an easy and quick solution. You can contact RidgeRun for additional information and products.

Learn more about the GStreamer serial plugin


GStreamer serial plugin allows you to easily test the main features of the boards listed below. 

Platforms Supported





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