OV5647 V4L2 driver

OV5647 V4L2 driver

V4L2 driver for the OV5647 camera

Ridgerun is a member of the extensive NVIDIA Jetson ecosystem and as part of our catalog of products and services supporting this platform our engineers engage with the customers in developing Embedded Linux CMOS Camera Sensor drivers based in the V4L2 Linux kernel framework. With more than 12 years experience creating custom Linux V4L2 drivers for embedded systems our drivers will enable video capture, streaming and multimedia solutions based on the NVIDIA Jetson products.



The OV5647 is a 5 MP CMOS, high sensitivity, low noise, image sensor developed by Omnivision. It features a frame rate of 720p@60 and 1080p@30 with 8/10 bits output format and 2x2 binning for better SNR in low light conditions. These features make it suitable for mobile devices and embedded vision systems.


You can read more about V4L2 drivers for camera sensor or capture chips in our wiki page.


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Platforms Supported

Nvidia: Jetson TX1

Nvidia: Jetson TX2


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