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RidgeRun, LLC is an embedded Linux product and service provider

RidgeRun, LLC is an embedded Linux product and service business founded in 2006. We are a high-touch company with +47 engineers focused on reducing our customer's time-to-market and product quality. We specialize in streaming media products and applications and are experts in GStreamer based technology.

RidgeRun can work on and offer support for any embedded Linux/GStreamer task that you would like to assign  to our team or as an outsourcing resource of the engineering team that gives support to the project. Our most popular embedded linux support requests include:


  • Linux, including hardware bring up

  • Proof of concepts

  • GStreamer development or optimization

  • GUIs

  • Standard Protocol Support

  • Drivers development or enhancement

  • System or application tuning

RidgeRun minimum PO includes 32 support hours at $110/h.


These hours can be used for any Linux/GStreamer related task. RidgeRun's main goal is to get the customer's product to market. We are experts in embedded streaming media products and applications based in GStreamer technology. RidgeRun's focus is to provide the infrastructure for streaming media product development.


For technical questions please send an email to or for questions related PO, please post your inquiry at our Contact Us link.


Please note that engineering Support Hours not used 6 months after the first/last support is provided will expire.


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Engineering Services

Minimum PO for Engineering Support Hours allows you to easily test the main features of the boards listed below. 

Platforms Supported

Jetson TX1, TX2, Xavier

Xilinx UltraScale+

i.MX6, i.MX8

Business Address

RidgeRun,LLC 1307 Shady Ln
Princeton, MN 55371


USA : 1-800-798-6093

INDIA : +91-9686841064

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