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GStreamer OpenCL Accelerated ISP

Updated: 5 days ago

An Image Signal Processor is an essential component in the video capture subsystem. An image freshly captured from the sensor needs several stages of processing before it is acceptable for application consumption. Not all platforms, however, have an ISP available or flexible enough to fulfill fine-grained requirements.

GstISP is a GStreamer based implementation of an Image Signal Processor. It is accelerated using OpenCL to application's real time processing requirements. Its modular pipelined design allows for high configurability for different use cases.

The fist GstISP pre-release v0.1.0 includes: - OpenCL accelerated modules: - Debayering (RGGB to RGBA) - Color space conversion (RGBA to I420) - Modules under development: - Histogram equalization - Noise reduction - Bad pixel correction - Supported platforms: - i.MX8 - i.MX6 - x86 - Other OpenCL enabled platforms

Increase control over you image capture process! Learn more in our developer's wiki:

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