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Motion Vectors Extractor Library - libmotion

Updated: 5 days ago

For many applications it is critical to get some measurement of the motion of the system. For example, in digital video stabilization it is required to get knowledge about the system movement in order to compensate for it in the resulting video and avoid undesirable shaking effects. Taking these measurements is typically a complex task requiring either additional hardware or a computationally heavy algorithm such as optical flow. For low power systems CPU cycles, memory and GPU are highly constrained and investing resources on these calculations limits the capabilities of the system. Fortunately, most applications that require this kind of measurements also require to encode the camera video into H264, our library takes advantage of this to minimize the required resources for getting the motion information.

Our motion vectors extractor library or libmotion for short, is a library designed for the extraction of motion vectors directly from H.264 encoded video, avoiding to make any additional computations or requiring any external hardware for this purpose. The extracted motion information can later be used in additional processing stages such as our video stabilization library.

If you are interested in knowing more about libmotion please visit our developer’s wiki page.

Email us if you want to evaluate or purchase it.



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