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Thinking of making an i.MX8 based product? Contact RidgeRun!

The i.MX8 processor series is the latest addition to the i.MX of SoC family from NXP Semiconductors. Taking advantage of a multicore architecture, great perf/watt and heterogeneous processing, these highly integrated devices are well suited for the next generation of IoT devices, bringing up a stable, widely supported and scalable platform for your embedded products focused in advanced media processing, healthcare, automotive industry, domotics, and much more. The high end SoC in the family includes:

  • 2 ARM Cortex A72

  • 4 ARM Cortex A53

  • 2 ARM Cortex M4F

  • 1 DSP

  • 2 GPU

  • 4Kp60 decoding, 1080p60 encoding

Get the most out of the i.MX8 processors by exploring our developer's wiki for more information.

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