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Onvif Device Server v0.4.1

Updated: Apr 17

The onvif device server is a library used for the implementation of the profile S of ONVIF which is designed for IP-based video systems. A Profile S device (e.g., an IP network camera or video encoder) is one that can send video data over an IP network to a Profile S client.

An example configuration of an ONVIF system may look like the next picture:

The library manages all the supported ONVIF requests and the necessary modifications of the streams by using the implementation of different interfaces.


We are currently working on updating and expanding the library, the newest version of the library supports the following requests:

Device service requests supported

  • GetDeviceInformation: Basic device information: Manufacturer, firmware version, ...

  • GetCapabilities: Here we can report the feature we support (or not).

  • GetServices: Services we support (Device and Media only)

  • SystemReboot: Reboots the system.

  • GetServiceCapabilities: Gets the configured capabilities of the device

  • GetUsers: Gets the available users

  • CreateUsers: Creates a new user

  • DeleteUsers: Removes a user

  • SetUser: Modifies the information of a user

  • GetSystemDayAndTime: Gets the system date and time

  • GetNetworkInterfaces: Gets the network interfaces information

  • SetNetworkInterfaces: Sets a network interface.

Media service requests supported

  • GetProfile: Get profile information by token

  • GetProfiles: Get the list of available profiles and their information

  • GetVideoSources: Get the list of physical video sources

  • GetVideoSourceConfigurations: Get list of video source configurations

  • RemoveVideoSourceConfiguration: Removes a video source configuration

  • AddVideoSourceConfiguration: Adds a video source configuration to an existing profile

  • SetVideoSourceConfiguration: Modifies a video source configuration

  • CreateProfile: Creates a new multimedia profile

  • DeleteProfile: Deletes a profile.

  • GetGuaranteedNumberOfVideoEncoderInstances: Gets the number of guaranteed instances of video encoders.

  • AddVideoEncoderConfiguration: Adds a video encoder configuration to a profile

  • SetVideoEncoderConfiguration: Modifies a video encoder configuration

  • GetVideoEncoderConfiguration - JPEG: Get video encoder configuration by name

  • GetVideoEncoderConfigurations: Get list of video encoder configurations

  • GetStreamUri: Get the Stream URI for a certain Profile

  • RemoveVideoEncoderConfiguration: Removes a video encoder configuration from a profile.

  • RemoveVideoSourceConfiguration: Removes a video source configuration from a profile.

  • GetVideoEncoderOptions: Gets all the options of the available video encoders.

Extra functionalities supported

  • AutoDiscovery: The clients will be able to detect the onvif server when it starts.

  • AutoSave: The programmer can enable and disable the autosave function, it outosaves every time there is a change in configuration or media profile.

Stay tuned for updates and learn more in our developer's wiki.

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