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Tegra TX1 and TK1 Professional SDK

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

Combining the power of the TX1 and the TK1 with the flexibility of RidgeRun's professional SDK, our RidgeRun development solution will speed up your time to market. Focus on your product, not the infrastructure. Choose the right tools to get to market fast. The RIdgeRun Tegra TX1 / TK1 SDK integrates all the various components needed to build and deploy software on Jetson hardware. * One command to rebuild kernel or bootloader when a patch is needed or a new driver is added * One command to flash the board with support for boot from SD card, emmc, or NFS * Easy configuration for NFS based root file system making simplifying application development and testing * Support for latest releases of GStreamer technology * Support for source code management, patching, customization allowing changes to be trackable and past code versions to be rebuilt. * Enhanced support for video capture devices including multi-camera capture support TegraX1 SDK Release Version v0.6.0 Quick Start Guide Release Notes TegraK1 SDK Release Version v0.6.0 Quick Start Guide Release Notes


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