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Tegra X1 camera drivers for Raspberry PI camera v2 (IMX219) and v1 (ov5647), TC358840 for 4K

Moving your raspberry pi project to a more powerful platform like Tegra X1? RidgeRun reduces your time to market offering add-on drivers ready to use on Tegra X1 for cameras like raspberry pi v2 (IMX219) and raspberry pi v1 (ov5647). These V4L2 drivers have been developed for latest Jetpack R24.2 and tested with gstreamer 1.9 allowing you to capture up to 8 Megapixels. For those products needing a HDMI input with 4K support we are also happy to announce our support to the J130 board created by Auvidea with 4K video support through the TC358840 chip from Toshiba. RidgeRun can also develop your custom driver for any camera chip, please contact us for more information. All this tested under a gstreamer environment ready to shine in your demo!

IMX219 Release notes and video

OV5647 Release notes

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