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Virtual Channel ID Support for OV10635 via MAX96705/9286 GMSL

Virtual Channel ID allows multiplexing multiple image signals into a single MIPI/CSI connector. Applications such as HDR imaging, video stitching or autonomous driving all benefit from multiple imaging input.

GMSL, on the other hand, is a high speed, bandwidth and integrity protocol that allows video communication links to up to 15 meters. Combining VCID with GMSL provides a flexible and robust solution for multimedia applications in the automotive industry.

The current GMSL VCID release supports: - V4L2 media controller driver - L4T 32.1 and Jetpack 4.2 - Supported GMSL version: 1 - MAX96705 / MAX9286 SerDes IC - Omnivision OV10635 camera sensor - Support for 4 simultaneous sensors - Supported resolutions: - 1280x800@30fps - Supported format: - UYVY - Capture via GstV4L2Src - Supported platforms: - NVIDIA Jetson Xavier

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