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Additional GMSL SerDes Driver

GMSL Technology for Enhanced Video Stream Communication

Nowadays, several systems like ADAS are getting involved in Gigabit Multimedia Serial Link (GMSL) technology. GMSL provides powerful specs, like high bandwidth, complex interconnect, multiple camera support, virtual channels support, and data type override. However, the main feature of the GMSL technology is that it preserves the signal integrity in long distances of up to 15 meters using coax cables. Here at RidgeRun, we have developed drivers using GMSL and GMSL2 technologies.  


GMSL chips work in pairs. It is very important to select the correct pair in order to avoid issues when configuring those chips. In the next image you can see a general diagram for GMSL systems.

GMSL is an interface that enhances the video stream communication using a single cable without losing information. 

GMSL Key Features:


  • High bandwidth

  • Power-over-coax (PoC)

  • Multiple interface optionsFrame synchronization

  • Virtual Channel ID


For SerDes chips and GMSL, pin configuration is very important; it is our starting point when developing these kinds of drivers.


Note: RidgeRun assumes that there are no hardware issues that would delay the developent process (it will increase costs). In case of problems with your hardware, RidgeRun will bill up to 20 hours of engineer's services for the time needed to inform you of what is wrong. If it has to be created from scratch, driver delivery time is 3 to 4 weeks from receipt of the hardware.

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Platforms Supported by GMSL

  • Jetson Xavier

  • Jetson TX2


NOTE: Additional platforms may be supported. Contact us for additional information.



GMSL System Diagram
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