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AI and Computer Vision Reference Designs for NVIDIA Jetson

Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision are hard. Even developing a simple prototype for demonstration purposes or requesting VC funding can take a considerable amount of time. If each software framework is complex on its own, the interaction between them can be even more challenging. To help you with the initial steps of your product lifecycle, RidgeRun is centralizing a set of fully-functional examples in a fully-fledged development environment where everything works out-of-the-box. This allows you to quickly evaluate the board capabilities and have an easy-to-use starting point for your demo.

Figure1: A web page with the demos gallery

RidgeRun’s Reference Designs for NVIDIA Jetson is an ongoing project that integrates a set of examples in a reproducible Docker environment. The image contains the building blocks you need, and the examples show you how to put them to use. This allows you to focus on what makes your product unique and accelerates your time-to-market.

Our v0.1.0 pre-release will include:

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