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GstCUDA-CUDA algorithm integration into GStreamer pipelines

Updated: 5 days ago

GstCUDA continues to be updated with new features! This release is packed with several new examples showing how to integrate OpenCV transparently with GStreamer, all accelerated with CUDA and without memory copies.

In this v0.10.2 release we have included:

  • Real time image warping using OpenCV+CUDA

  • Real time image filtering using OpenCV+CUDA

Figure 1: Opencvwarp element: demo transformation.

Figure 2. Example of OpenCV available filters.

GstCUDA is a GStreamer framework that allows you to integrate CUDA algorithms in your GStreamer pipelines. It leverages the pipeline negotiation process to configure a zero-copy interaction between the different hardware components and your algorithm. This, along with popular frameworks such as OpenCV or NVIDIA VPI, allows you to develop high performing Computer Vision applications quickly and simply.

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