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GStreamer Motion Detection

RidgeRun has developed two different software solutions that allow you to easily and efficiently add video-based motion detection capability to your system or product. Both solutions are based on GStreamer, delivered as a GStreamer plugin and take advantage of CPU and GPU capabilities.

Two Motion Detection solutions :

  • GStreamer Background Subtraction Camera-Based Motion Detection Plugin

  • GStreamer DispTEC Motion Detection Plugin

Key features and more details about these plugins are explained in this developer wiki guide from RidgeRun : GStreamer_Motion_Detection

Any Questions? : support@ridgerun.com

Visit our Main Website for the RidgeRun online store for pricing information of the RidgeRun products and Professional Services. Please email support@ridgerun.com for technical questions. Contact details for sponsoring the RidgeRun GStreamer projects are available at Sponsor Projects page.

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