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GStreamer Plugin for NVIDIA VPI v0.1.0

Updated: Apr 17

NVIDIA Vision Programming Interface (VPI) is a software library that provides Computer Vision algorithms implemented on several computing hardware platforms available in NVIDIA embedded or discrete devices. RidgeRun is creating a GStreamer wrapper to allow you to integrate these highly efficient algorithms seamlessly into your existing GStreamer pipelines.

Our initial v0.1.0 pre-release includes:

  • Zero copy GStreamer pipelines

  • Interoperability with existing GStreamer HW accelerators

  • Interoperability with GstCUDA

  • Portable across x86 and Jetson platforms

  • Gaussian filter and Lens undistort elements

  • PVA (Programmable Vision Accelerator), CUDA, and CPU support

Leverage GStreamer modularity and flexibility with NVIDIA's high performing HW units. Stay tuned for updates and learn more in our developer's wiki :

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Any Questions? :

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