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GStreamer Plugin for NVIDIA VPI v0.2.0

Updated: Apr 17

NVIDIA Vision Programming Interface (VPI) is a software library that provides Computer Vision algorithms implemented on several computing hardware platforms available in NVIDIA embedded or discrete devices. GstVPI is a GStreamer wrapper to allow you to integrate these highly efficient algorithms seamlessly into your existing GStreamer pipelines. This way, developers can start prototyping right away and focus on what really matters.

Release v0.2.0 includes:

  • Zero copy GStreamer pipelines

  • Support for VPI framework 0.4 and 1.0

  • Direct NVMM memory handling for optimal performance

  • CPU, CUDA, VIC (Video Image Compositor), and PVA* (Programmable Vision Accelerator) support

  • Ready-to-use elements:

    • Gaussian filter

    • Lens undistort

    • Harris keypoints detector

    • KLT Tracker

    • Perspective warp

    • Overlay

    • Videoconvert

    • Videoscale

    • Convolution

    • Separable convolution

Leverage GStreamer modularity and flexibility with NVIDIA's high performing HW units. Stay tuned for updates and learn more in our developer's wiki :

Fig : Input Video (left). Output Video(right) after applying the GstVPI Gaussian Filter.

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* PVA backend is only available on Jetson Xavier devices, such as Jetson AGX Xavier and Jetson Xavier NX.

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