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GstSEI v0.1.1 - GStreamer H264 - H265 Metadata

Updated: Apr 17

RidgeRun is happy to announce GstSEI.

GstSEI is a GStreamer plugin that makes it possible to insert and extract metadata into and from an H264 encoded video stream, providing the capability to associate metadata to a specific video frame.

The injected metadata can be in any format, and having it inserted into the video frame gives great flexibility as the video can be recorded or streamed in any way without losing the additional information and it won’t cause any problem in receivers or decoders not supporting it, as they don’t even know the data is there.

The release v0.1.0 includes:

Ready-to-use elements:

  • SeiInject : for injecting the metadata.

  • SeiExtract : for extracting the metadata.

  • SeiMetatester

Metadata addition as:

  • Binary

  • GstMeta

  • String

Signal emission when metadata is found.

Support for H264 formats:

  • AVC

  • Byte stream

Find out more in our developer's wiki:

Technical questions? :

Want to know more about the project? :


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