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QuickStart Jetson AI by RidgeRun

Updated: Apr 17

Reference Designs and product prototyping frameworks for NVIDIA Jetson

The Quickstart Jetson AI Reference Designs have been updated! With several improvements to project stability and performance, the demos are performing notably better than before and have been updated to integrate some of the newest NVIDIA software products.

In this v0.2.0 we have included:

  • An update to JetPack 4.5.1 as the base OS for the Docker environment

  • An update to the Docker image so that it is based off of NVIDIA’s Deepstream-l4t image

  • Improvements to the project’s stability

  • Improvements to the UI’s intuitiveness

The Quickstart Jetson AI Reference Designs for the NVIDIA Jetson products are a set of AI and Computer Vision demos developed by RidgeRun, with the objective of easing your entry into creating applications with tools from both of these fields. Using a reproducible Docker environment, this project works as a primer for working with multiple AI and Computer Vision frameworks on the Jetson products.

Get started with the project in our developer's wiki.

Technical questions? Email:

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