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Raspberry Pi 12MP Camera Module 3 driver for NVIDIA® Jetson™ Orin Nano and Jetson™ Nano

Updated: Apr 17

A raspberry pi camera module 3 connected to a Jetson Orin Nano Devkit  with a white background

Raspberry Pi Camera Module Third Generation - IMX708 Attached to Jetson Orin Nano

RidgeRun's IMX708 12MP Raspberry Pi Camera Module 3 Driver for Jetson Orin Nano and Jetson Nano now for free!

Accelerate your NVIDIA Jetson project with RidgeRun's driver for the new IMX708 Raspberry Pi Camera Module 3. The latest 12 MP camera module from Raspberry Pi, capable of images exceeding the 4K resolution, was released this year. It is a cost-effective ($25 Adafruit) camera module perfect for a wide range of applications, offering versatility under a low-cost camera module, including features like binning and HDR. You can find the hardware specifications of the camera module at

Our driver handles the IMX708 camera module on the NVIDIA Jetson Orin Nano and Jetson Nano developer kits, enabling quick prototyping for our customers. In this initial release, our driver supports the capture mode of 4608x2592@14.35fps.

We have implemented two ways to get the driver and install it in your NVIDIA Jetson platforms. One way is by downloading a debian depending on your system. Or patching the kernel and building the kernel if you want to make any kind of modifications. You can check this RidgeRun Developer Wiki to find a guide in order to install the driver in your system. RidgeRun is widely proud to help the developer community by releasing this driver publicly.

Our team is continuously working on extending the driver. Are you looking for additional capture modes and features, or need to get the driver working on another platform? Don’t hesitate to Contact us!

An orange ball moving in front of a color checkboard pattern with a landscape on the back
Sample video captured with the IMX708 driver for the NVIDIA Jetson Orin Nano (4608x2592@14.35fps).

Unlock the potential of your NVIDIA Jetson Orin Nano and Jetson Nano with the RidgeRun IMX708 Raspberry Pi Camera Module 3 driver. Visit to explore our products and services and discover how we can further enhance your projects.


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