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Sony IMX477 HQ camera sensor Rasberry Pi V3 driver for NVIDIA®Jetson™ platforms

RidgeRun, in a collaborative effort with NVIDIA and Leopard Imaging, created the IMX477 HQ RPI V3 driver as a partner initiative to release the first version of the Sony IMX477 sensor driver for the Raspberry Pi HQ camera. A cheap and quality camera, now with an open-source driver to let you prototype your great ideas easier!

Supported NVIDIA Jetson platforms:

  • NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX

  • NVIDIA Jetson Nano

Supported resolutions and framerates:

  • 1920x1080 @ 60fps

  • 4032x3040 @ 30fps

Supported Controls:

  • Gain

  • Exposure

  • Framerate

  • Group Hold

HQ RPI V3 Camera features:

  • 12.3 Megapixel high-resolution Sony IMX477 sensor.

  • 1.55μm × 1.55μm Pixel Size - double the pixel area of IMX219 for improved low-light performance.

  • Back-illuminated sensor architecture for improved sensitivity.

  • Support for different C- and CS-mount lenses.

  • Integrated back-focus adjustment ring and tripod mount.

Please, refer to the RidgeRun’s Sony IMX477 driver developer wiki page to learn how to get and install the driver.

RidgeRun is actively working to provide great software solutions on top of powerful hardware to the customers. For this reason, RidgeRun offers the possibility to port the driver to other Jetson platforms if needed, along with the addition of desired features.

Any Questions? :

Contact Us:

Visit our Main Website for the RidgeRun online store and pricing information of the RidgeRun products and Professional Services. Please email to for technical questions. Contact details for sponsoring the RidgeRun GStreamer projects are available at Sponsor Projects page.



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