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Teledyne - RidgeRun Joint Development

Teledyne E2V is at the forefront of CMOS sensor technology. Their image sensors and subsystems deliver high performance across many applications. With the goal of constantly improving technology advancements on new products, Teledyne E2V provides top end sensors for a variety of industries.

The OPTIMOM 2M Modules are part of the latest line of products that Teledyne E2V has to offer. With cutting edge features such as sub-sampling, single ROI, multiple ROI, among others, as well as extensive documentation, this monochrome sensor is a great option for the new embedded system products.

Thanks to a combined effort between Teledyne E2V and RidgeRun Engineering, drivers for the Toradex i.MX8 Mini, and the NVIDIA Jetson Nano platforms are now available. The drivers provide the ability to capture monochrome images in both 8 and 10 bits per pixel, as well as different resolutions such as 1920x1080 and 1920x800. They also expose controls for different features of the sensor such as gain, exposure, frame-rate and flip.

RidgeRun Engineering is proud to be part of this effort and cannot help but to imagine the next generation of products that these new technologies will power. We will continue working side by side with great companies like Teledyne E2V with the main goal of being pioneers in these great technology advancements.

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