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Image Stitching on NVIDIA Jetson Boards

Updated: Apr 17

An image stitcher combines different images into one. The RidgeRun Stitcher combines up to three 4K images at 50 frames per second in a Jetson Xavier (3 x 4K @50 FPS).

RidgeRun's Stitcher includes a GStreamer plug-in. This allows the module to be used in custom pipelines using cameras, codecs, and other HW accelerators. Advanced memory handling allows transferring data from the different hardware units transparently, without explicit memory copies. Real-time performance is achieved by using OpenCV algorithms with CUDA support and custom kernels. The stitcher works in the Jetson Boards family, such as TX1, TX2, Nano, and Xavier, as well as any platform with CUDA.

Learn more details and benchmarks in our developer’s wiki:

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