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Object tracking in Jetson TX1/TX2 using GStPTZR

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

RidgeRun's new GStPTZR element allows to crop, zoom and rotate a video stream, simulating the behavior of a pan/tilt/zoom/rotate PTZR video camera.

These features, paired with information obtained from a jetson-inference pre-built model, can be used to provide a video stream focused on the detected object. Captured video (left) is provided to a jetson-inferencce model. The model detects a person and provides the location. GstPTZR is used to crop the area of interest as a separate stream.

Using the GstPTZR element in an already-existing GStreamer pipeline is easy, and can provide a simple way to focus on the important parts of the video stream. 

Captured video (left) and the cropped version obtained with GStPTZR (right) that allow for detection of an object on a specific area of the video.RidgeRun's GStPTZR is highly customizable and can be used for a wide variety of applications, both paired with detection models and other specific use cases. For more information, visit and contact us at to request an evaluation version for your application. The examples in the pictures above were created using models from the Jetson Inference guide.

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