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New Product Portfolio for the Qualcomm RB5 and RB6

RidgeRun is excited to announce its new product portfolio for Qualcomm RB5 and RB6 System-on-Module (SoM) platforms. RidgeRun is ready to optimize your industry-leading multimedia and computer vision software applications to run on the Qualcomm RB5 and RB6, embodying low-power embedded systems for drones, robotics, industrial automation, and more. Our optimized software combined with the Qualcomm Hardware Accelerators will enable efficient computer vision and multimedia capabilities on edge devices.

The RB5 and RB6 modules pack impressive capabilities, offering hardware acceleration through the GPU, DSP, and ISP. This allows RidgeRun's software to leverage the SoMs' full potential for running real-time computer vision, AI and graphics workloads with performance and energy efficiency.

Overview of RidgeRun Products

RidgeRun offers a range of products to help developers build multimedia, drone, and robotics applications for the Qualcomm RB5/RB6 System-on-Module (SoM). These optimized software solutions provide key capabilities to accelerate development.

GstPTZR - Accelerates pan, tilt, zoom, and rotate operations on live GStreamer video streams to enable real-time image transformations.

QtOverlay - Enables overlaying high-quality interactive and animated QML-based UIs on top of video streams, leveraging GPU acceleration for smooth performance.

GstISP - Provides OpenCL-accelerated image processing operations on GStreamer pipelines to optimize computer vision.

GstD - Gives control over multiple GStreamer pipelines from media server applications, boosting the power of GStreamer.

GstSEI - Allows sending and receiving metadata in H.264 and H.265 streams using SEI NAL units for increased data capabilities.

MPEG TS In Band Metadata - Enables transmitting metadata via a separate stream using MPEG transport protocols.

RTSPSink - Implements the popular RTSP network streaming protocol for transmitting media.

PreRecord - Allows you to perform video buffering and capture those moments that happen before an event occurs. This is useful for surveillance and monitoring applications where you want to record footage leading up to an incident, not just from when the recording starts. 

GstInterpipe - Allows for seamless switching and mixing of different video streams in your application.

LibGUVC - Makes the RB5/RB6 be detected as a UVC Camera-compliant device on MacOS, Windows and Linux. This allows you to transmit video streams and be recognized as a standard USB video camera for maximum compatibility across platforms.

For more information about Qualcomm RB5/RB6 and our knowledge base, check out our developer wiki.



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