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RidgeRun's USB Video Class Gadget Library - LibGUVC v1.4.0 - NVidia Xavier and NXP iMX Support

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

The UVC Video Class Gadget Library or libguvc for short is a platform agnostic library that simplifies the development of UVC based gadget devices by encapsulating the most of the UVC communication leaving just the basic setup to the user. The USB video class gadget runs on top of the UVC function driver in the user space and takes care of the communication between the user application and the linux driver stack.

Release of libGUVC v1.4.0, is now supporting NVIDIA Jetson platform along with previously supported NXP-iMX6 family of processors, thanks to the new bulk transfer support.

It has never been easier to implement a UVC application on your hardware, libGUVC make it easy to interact with the UVC driver and expose a variety of useful features such as:

    USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 support    Isochronous and bulk endpoint support    YUV2, MJPEG and H264 video streaming support    Extension Unit support    MMAP and UserPtr support. Since the driver is agnostic to the platform, you can run it on almost any platform with quality USB and UVC drivers, making it really simple to convert it into a UVC capable device.

 libGuvc in action - Running libGuvc on NVidia Xavier

libGuvc in action - Running libGuvc on NXP-iMX6

You can find more information about the library in this developer wiki from RidgeRun Engineering : USB Video Class Gadget Library - libguvc

For more technical information please contact us at Please post your inquiry at our Contact Us page for purchase related questions and also since the libguvc is platform agnostic, you can request for a custom demo image for any other platform using this link.


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