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  • Kimberly Carvajal

Introducing GstObuMetadata: Enhancing AV1 Encoded Video Metadata Management

Updated: Apr 8

The ability to efficiently manage metadata within video streams is becoming increasingly crucial. From ensuring copyright protection to enhancing user experiences, metadata injection, and extraction are key processes. Incorporating metadata into video streams offers an opportunity to enrich video frames with essential details such as GPS location. Metadata insertion facilitates easier navigation and retrieval of specific segments within the video by inserting valuable content or descriptive information. Therefore, at RidgeRun we are thrilled to announce a new GStreamer plugin designed to facilitate metadata management in AV1 video streams.

The AV1 video compression format developed by the Alliance for Open Media (AOMedia) has emerged in the field of video compression for its exceptional efficiency and superior compression capabilities. AV1 promises high-quality video delivery at reduced bandwidth requirements.

GstObuMetadata overview

GstObu comprises a set of GStreamer elements designed to inject and extract metadata seamlessly into and from AV1 encoded video frames. The plugin is seamlessly compatible with GStreamer pipelines, a widely used framework for building multimedia applications. 

The GstObu plugin is capable of receiving an AV1 video stream and injecting metadata into it, this stream can be sent via UDP streaming or saved into a file. In the next stage, the AV1 video stream wrapped with metadata can be retrieved via stream or file, the metadata can be extracted by the plugin and the video displayed. This functionality is illustrated in the following figure.

Whether you're recording or streaming video content, GstObu enables real-time injection and extraction of metadata, ensuring that valuable information is seamlessly embedded within the video frames or extracted as needed, without compromising on performance or quality.

Features and Benefits 

  • Content Annotation: Enrich AV1 video streams with metadata annotations, facilitating enhanced content organization and searchability.

  • Content Analysis: Extract embedded metadata for in-depth content analysis, enabling advanced video processing and analytics.

  • Versatile Integration: Integrate GstObu with existing GStreamer pipelines effortlessly, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of multimedia applications and workflows.

What’s Next?

Contact us to evaluate GstObuMetadata. We offer trial versions, so you can first validate the functionality and make sure it meets your use-case requirements.

Find out more information in our developer's wiki


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