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MISB Codec Library - libmisb

Updated: Apr 17

A drone in mid air

When developing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) it is important not only to transmit multimedia information such as audio and video, but also metadata such as latitude and longitude, among others. Transferring this metadata along with the multimedia content is typically done following pre-existent standards that allow interoperability with several ground systems and applications. One of the most common standards is the MISB 0601 for Unmanned Air Systems (UAS) that defines a set of tags commonly used for this kind of application.

Given its wide usage, RidgeRun has decided to make a step forward and create a library designed to encoding and decoding metadata following the MISB standard, libmisb. This solution can be used to speed up the development of UAS and integrate the metadata into the media content.

In this first release, libmisb supports the MISB 0601 standard, however it can be extended upon request to support any other MISB standard.

If you are interested in reading more about libmisb, please check our developer’s wiki page.

Make sure to contact us if you'd like to explore the project.



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